Is It Really Independence Day?

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Independence Day is such a political mechanism manipulated by the modern media setting and perpetually raped by the society through false sense of nationalism. Where is the essence when in the first place, independence has just become a global standard tool for multinational organizations’ esoteric conspiracy aiming for a unified New World Order? As frustrating and sensitive as it is, we can no longer change this status quo; where the world wants a unified mapping system, unified calendar system, unified economic policy system, and whatever is seen possible to gradually shift the geopolitical landscape of every country that could contribute to global leaders’ grand scheme. The Philippines’ Declaration of Independence, or simply the Philippines as a country, could be one of the monumental examples of colonial hoaxes prompting a pseudo-organized system of history and law as prescribed by whoever influential organization that is. Truth to be told, there had been no independence in the Philippines ever since it was named as the Philippines or _Las Islas de las Filipinas_or whatever misnomers are indicated in your high school textbooks.

The date 12th of June which announced Declaration of Independence of the Philippine Islands from the Spaniards was few months before Philippine-American War, where Americans initially fought against Spaniards. The Treaty of Paris (Dec.10, 1898) stated that Spain would cede their Pacific colonies, i.e. Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam, and of course, Philippines. Ratification followed, but then it was implemented. During the American indoctrination in the country, our independence day was 4th of July, how awful can you get? Living in the shadows of the colonial New World. It was only Ramon Magsaysay through Republic Act 4166 in 1964 which declared June 12 as the country’s Independence Day which we enjoy now, as a historical mark, and temporary labor freedom from our bosses. I must thank then Pres. Magsaysay for shedding us from the limelight of US through this basic nationalistic right of pursuing our own country’s identity. However, it makes me sad though that Independence as its very sense has not become very essential as its definition to the country. What is the real essence and meaning of independence by the way? Even Philosophy brags quite a long discourse on this topic. Perhaps I won’t divulge on this deeper. My question to this article is, when did we experience real national and patriotic independence? I further that that question should be contextualized on the discovery ages of the Philippines, not at this time, perhaps it would be temporally disproportionate, thus impossible to analyze when viewed at this modern time setting. It is as if we are cooking the overcooked pasta. What we should cook is the raw and fresh pasta.




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